Our Lash and Brow Technicians


Hiya! My name is Paige and I have been qualified in beauty for 4 years!

I have always wanted to be a beauty therapist, by the age of 10 I knew beauty is something I wanted to to as a profession! Throughout all of my training I have learned many things but the most important thing I have learned that the smallest beauty treatment can give you so much confidence.

I took 2 years training in beauty therapy and spa therapy and worked part time in, catering for a year, retail and 6 months in care when I was in college. When I left college I qualified in lash extensions and brow lamination.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephew. I really enjoy doing hybrid lash extensions because there are many different styles I can create for different clients!

In the future I want to train in Henna Brows and Microblading. I offer a few different treatments including all types of lash extensions, brow lamination, eyelash lifts, brow wax, leg and armpit waxing and facial waxing. I offer lengthy and in depth after care for all treatments.

I cant wait to see you all at House Of You!


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