Our Lash and Brow  Technicians


Hiya! My name is Paige and I have been qualified in beauty for 4 years!

I have always wanted to be a beauty therapist, by the age of 10 I knew beauty is something I wanted to to as a profession! Throughout all of my training I have learned many things but the most important thing I have learned that the smallest beauty treatment can give you so much confidence.

I took 2 years training in beauty therapy and spa therapy and worked part time in, catering for a year, retail and 6 months in care when I was in college. When I left college I qualified in lash extensions and brow lamination.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephew. I really enjoy doing hybrid lash extensions because there are many different styles I can create for different clients!

In the future I want to train in Henna Brows and Microblading. I offer a few different treatments including all types of lash extensions, brow lamination, eyelash lifts, brow wax, leg and armpit waxing and facial waxing. I offer lengthy and in depth after care for all treatments.

I cant wait to see you all at House Of You!


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Hi I'm Samantha, owner of Beautiful Brows Permanent Make Up & Beauty.

I have been qualified as a beauty therapist for 10 years now.

It was back in 2015 working for benefit cosmetics that I found a passion for brows and since then I have done lots of training to keep up with today's industry.

My favourite treatments to do are all things brows, lashes & SPMU.

In the near future I aim to become a training academy so I can train people in lashes & brows.

I really enjoy making people feel beautiful & confident in their own skin even if it's just a shape and tint.

The spare time I do have I spend with my children, we go on adventures making lots memories around Devon and Cornwall...

Enjoying paddle boarding and kayaking,

Our little dream is to get a campervan and travel doing the NC500 ✌️


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Hey I’m Sasha, owner of Nails & Lashes by Sasha.


I’ve been working in beauty for almost a decade, specialising in nails & lashes. 

What ignites my passion is seeing my clients smile after each treatment.

As much as my role is to explore the exterior beauty of someone, I truly believe that, ultimately, the inner beauty is what surfaces. 

The beauty that exists within me is one that resides with my family.


I am the lucky mother of two beautiful boys who genuinely show me the magic that exists in this world and give me the eternal license to smile with endless pride and joy.

I am so proud to be a part of the team at HOY because we live in a fast paced world, shifting gears and pushing bounderies, why not look your best while doing it?


“She is the perfect 
example of grace
because she is a
with bullet holes in her wings that never regretted
learning to fly”

- JM Storm

Sasha x


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