Oil Free Lash Cleanser

Oil Free Lash Cleanser

With beautiful lashes comes minimal aftercare. House Of You makes it simple with our Oil Free foam Lash Cleanser, our Cleansing kit is perfect for keeping your lashes clean and fluffy between infills. 


Oil and dirt can be deadly for your extensions and cause them to fall out and leave gaps in your lashes. Our Oil Free foam gently removes the dirt and leaves your lashes looking incredible as always.


In this kit:

- 1X House Of You Lash Cleanser

- 1X Gentle Lash Cleansing brush

- 3X Pink lash spoolies

- A House Of You aftercare sheet


Directions for use:

- Shake well before use.

- Remove contact lenses before use.

- Apply a pump or two of shampoo on the eyes.

- Massage gently for 15 seconds.

- Dab off the remaining foam with a makeup pad or wipe.





    Due to the nature of our product and for hygiene reasons all products must be returned in its original/unopened packaging. We will not refund any goods that have been opened or worn. Items must be returned with seal intact. For returns based on unwanted items; you must return within 14 days of receiving the item. 

    For all returns or refunds please contact us directly via email - admin@houseofyou.co.uk


    Shipping to UK only. 

    £3 for 3-5 day delivery.

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