The  Renovation

If you've never heard the back story of how House Of You came to be, let me fill you in 💘

July 1st 2021: I rang my best friend charley in a rant to her about how annoying it is to have to travel around the city to have all my treatments. that day id had my hair done one side of Exeter, then gone into the city centre for my lash and nail appointment and then was on my way to torquay for my lip filler appointment. I spent more time travelling than I did having my treatments!

"I wish there was a place I could go and have it all done under one roof, and imagine if it was all pink and instagrammable!" to which she replied "lets open a salon then?" 


July 13th 2021: we rang for the 3rd time to try and arrange a viewing on our building, but due to covid restrictions and damage to the property we weren’t t able to view properly until July 26th! as soon as I got inside, i knew the building was perfect! however, I don't think I realised how much work it would take to get the building even remotely presentable. 


In the time between July 13th and July 26th we viewed two other properties but instantly knew they weren't right for us. they were either too small or not the right location. Our building on Fore Street is right in the city centre with a huge view from all angles and is spread over 3 floors and almost 2000 sqft. 


We viewed the building 3 times before we put an offer in on it and in total took about 3 and a half months before we got the keys. 

Those 3 and a half months were so long, we were constantly back and forth with solicitors pushing to get the keys as soon as possible as we wanted to open the salon before Christmas.

Whilst we waited to get the keys we had to spend as much time as we could marketing for the salon. it took us weeks to think of a name and then even longer to design a logo.

Underestimating how long It would take to complete on the building my house, garage and storage unit slowly became filled up with pink furniture.


November 16th 2021: We finally got the keys!!

at times we thought this day would never come, but as soon as we got the call that our solicitors had completed, we raced to the estate agents and grab the keys!

as soon as we collected the keys, we drove straight to the salon, shopping bags filled and immediately got to work.

First on the list was paint swatching to try and find our perfect shade of pink! believe it or not we swatched over 30 shade of pink, half of which were actually either purple or salmon. 

but after almost £100 on samples and many arguments between me and charley we finally decided on a colour!


pre key collection we had both decided that we should TikTok the whole renovation so that one day we could look back on it and see how far we've come. So a few days before we completed on the building I set up the account, we uploaded our first video and overnight gained around 10,000 followers and the video picked up around 300k views.

it was all up from there, every video went viral, we had thousands of people following our renovation with every video that we posted!

we had so much work to do, I'm not surprise so many people were invested, we gave ourselves a January deadline, marketed the hell out of our open day and spent 8 weeks straight renovating. 

it was 8 weeks of 12 hour days, here's how it went.